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Dates, Times, Locations; add any you know

Otherwise this thing won't be accurate

Dates Times Locations, add any you know
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Just band dates for the community center shows in Winnipeg. No big names here. Add any that I miss, there's no way that I could have them all
20 pound shovel, 3 day binge, a place tommorow, aerocar model 4, after all these years, against societies standards, amused, angel lust, annelid, anti gravity, arbra hill, b.u.m.p., barry g. player band, better tomorrow, blown up friend, blush, bonafide, brave stereo, broken halo, buckethitch, burnbox, burnthe8track, buzzed lucky, castrati, ciaira's tears, come the dawn, cone five, crush endo, damascus, dear screaming, devoid, dissolution, ditchpig, dj phazz, doc brown, doug paul smith, dreadnaut, drivenation, driver, easily, electro quarterstaff, ends & means, excurses, forgetful jones, fuller, general stone, girl friday, giv'r, grooveport, hce, head hits concrete, helbent5, hide your daughters, high five drive, hogwash, honeyeyes, hundredfold, icis nizz, illusive mind, in reverse, indy nosebone, infraction, inward eye, inwolven, jaw, joseph k, katelyn, ken mode, kevin korol, killah green, knuckle duster, kursk, labyrinth, lax luster, legion, love city overdose, luck's last penny, lucky punch, lynchpin, mandatory death, moments of brilliance, neal pinto, necrogenesis, needlefish, neuroshock, no point intended, no reason, off your bike, othello, oxford, pat savage band, pierced, plunger, pornocracy, port amoral, prague, pretty train crash, projektor, prost, putrescence, quinzy, red blanket, resistance, right turn only, scarlet halo, serrated scalpel, seven day itch, seventeen 69, shades of none, sierra noble, static ip, status red, suiciety, tall dark amd hammerd, ted, tele, the atticks, the barrymores, the boiling brain pot, the brat attack, the bush pigs, the downfall, the downtown love affair, the dust rhinos, the hearse men, the monty yanks, the new aestetic, the perms, the product, the pumps, the ruffnecks, the saucermen, the savants, the sylmarillion, the weakerthans, thru the floor, time kills everything, tinfoil phoenix, trousermouth, twilight hotel, undercover, uniporn, wayside soul, wazookaa, wedgewoods, why, winnipeg band, xplicit